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7 Ideas For Taking Those Instagram-Worthy Las Vegas Selfies

7 Ideas For Taking Those Instagram-Worthy Las Vegas Selfies

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You’ve finally booked a trip to Las Vegas and you’re excited. If you want to plan for some great vacation photos, this is one city where there are plenty of places to take a selfie.

Our location ideas capture the excitement of your adventure while showing off all that the city has to offer for visitors. Better yet, if you really like how one of your photos turns out, enter it in our photo contest for a chance to win $500.

Classic Spots: The Welcome Sign And The Las Vegas Strip

If you want to celebrate your arrival, there’s nothing like a selfie taken at the Las Vegas welcome sign or with the downtown strip in the background. Taking a photo at the welcome sign is fairly straightforward. Just hire a driver to get you there, pull out your selfie stick, and grab the picture.

A photo of the strip can be more challenging—and more fun. To frame the shot well, visit the Skyfall Lounge at the Delano Las Vegas Mandalay Bay or go to the observation decks at the Stratosphere Casino or the Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas. Consider finding a spot you can stay at for a while so you can take several photos as the sun sets and the lighting changes.

Lookalike Landscapes: The Eiffel Tower, New York-New York, and The Venetian

The main Las Vegas Strip has fairly accurate replicas of New York City, The Eiffel Tower, and a canal in Venice. Any of these make for stunningly composed pictures that show equally well during daylight hours or at night. If you frame them with just the right angle, your friends may wonder if you’ve left the country and haven’t told them. That’s part of the fun!

Movie Glamour: The Fountains Of Bellagio

Often featured in movies and tourism ads, the iconic Fountains of Bellagio are a beautiful and dramatic representation of Las Vegas. They’re also fairly well balanced in terms of light and won’t overwhelm your camera lens.

If you’re interested in this background shot you’ve got a lot of options on where to stage your photo. You can stand in front of the fountains at street-level or find a table at the patio of the Bellagio’s restaurant, order a cocktail, and take a great shot there. Another idea? Visit Paris, Las Vegas’ Eifel Tower restaurant for a clear but more distant view.

Classic Fun At Caesars Palace

For classic selfie fun, snap a photo while you’re showing off your goofball side with one of the Roman-themed live characters at Caesars Palace. If you’ve got the time, try multiple poses and facial expressions. One of them may turn into your favorite photo from your trip.

Beach View At Mandalay Bay

Want to look like you’re at the ocean when you’re really in the desert? Head to Mandalay Bay. It won’t be too hard to find a beach cocktail and a sandy background for one of the most tropical photos you can take in the city.

A Pop Of Color: The Bellagio Conservatory & Botanical Gardens

It’s hard to find a more colorful backdrop for a selfie than the vibrant plant life at Bellagio’s indoor garden. Pick a seasonal plant backdrop that compliments your hair, skin tone, or clothing. Take time to frame it well and then enjoy the result.

Historic Las Vegas: The Fremont Street Experience Or The Flamingo

If you want your selfie to have a vintage Las Vegas feel, head down to the Fremont Street Experience and capture a shot in front of Binions, the Golden Nugget, or the 4 Queens Casino. If you can’t make it there, visit The Flamingo right off the newer parts of the strip. Here the pink neon lights capture the old Las Vegas glamour of the Rat Pack, gangsters, and lounge singers.

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