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How to Convince Your Friends to Join a Cruise with You

How to Convince Your Friends to Join a Cruise with You

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Sometimes you just have to do something special for yourself and if that something special is a fabulous vacation on Grand Caribbean Cruises, you’ll want to share it with friends. While it can be a blast no matter whether you’re alone or with others, having friends there to experience the special moments and enjoy the nightlife with is a big plus.

Some friends will love the idea of taking a cruise, so they don’t have to be convinced. Others may have a tight budget, so telling them that the cost of food at most of the restaurants and buffets aboard are part of the price makes it far more affordable. After all, you have to eat whether you’re sitting at home or on board a luxury liner.

A cruise allows people with a wide variety of budgets to vacation together, without the need to be tied at the hip. Each person can choose their own activities and meet at one of the restaurants each morning or evening to share their experiences. It lets everyone be together without being attached at the hip.

If you or your friends have children, there’s no need to leave the kids at home. A family-friendly cruiser, like Grand Caribbean Cruisers, has a Kids Club that’s fun and supervised to provide more time for parents to enjoy themselves. There are supervised activities directed by trained staff to ensure the children not only have fun but also are doing age-appropriate activities in a safe comfortable environment.

A friends’ cruise can include clubbing with no need for a designated driver. That’s enough to make anyone that loves the nightlife sit up and take notice. Every night there some place exciting to go, with live entertainment and all night dancing. Many of the clubs are themed, to provide an exciting international night, whether listening to island music sipping a Mai Tai or frozen rum runner or a glass of Guinness at a British pub. For those who love to wager, a trip to the casino can appeal to their nature and maybe even pay for the trip. Most cruises have both table games like blackjack and baccarat, plus a wide variety of the latest slots.

No friends cruise would be complete without an opportunity for selfies on the island, group shots with the whole gang or family photos. The islands are the perfect place for those. Imagine how fantastic it can be to share all the photos on social media and have the memories for years to come.

There are trips to the islands for shopping and tours with other more active things to do, such as snorkeling and horseback riding. You can discuss the various shore excursions and let everyone choose their own. You may find several who all want to do the same thing, so you can book the side activity in advance to ensure you’re all together.

Best of all, everything is simple and you have your own privacy, but with your friends close to you. Each person has their own freedom, but you’re still a group.

You can spend time sunning yourself or taking a romantic walk on the deck at night, but get together in at a club at night and stay as late as you choose. It’s a great way for everyone to have the trip they want, get the old gang together or share a great getaway with your favorite pals.

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