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Cruising Etiquette 101

Cruising Etiquette 101

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Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you leave your manners at home. You’ll have a better time on your cruise when you make the effort to be the most courteous as possible to other passengers. Your good manners often set the stage for the way others treat you. While others may not be using the best possible cruising etiquette, you’ll reap rewards from staff and other passengers for yours.

Check your luggage immediately to insure you have the right bags

While that may seem like good common sense and a benefit to you, it’s also a service to others. If the wrong bag was delivered to your cabin or door, someone else has the wrong bag too. If they checked theirs immediately, they’ll be in a state of panic. It also gives ample time for staff to correct the mix up before a change of clothing is necessary.

Don’t be a rebel when it comes to dress code

You may hate the fact that you have to wear formal clothing certain nights, but that doesn’t mean you should blow off the designated formal nights and show up wearing whatever you like. Others took the time to dress for the occasion and get pretty upset when you show up wearing whatever you like. If you really hate dressing up or forgot to bring the appropriate clothing, skip the formal dining area and head to a more casual buffet.

Keep the kids in line and close

Good parenting means being a parent all the time, not just at home. You don’t have to be on a cruise to find irritating children whose parents never lift a finger to stop bad behavior. Remember, not only are you on vacation, so are the rest of the passengers who not only don’t want to discipline your kids, but even if they do, they can’t. Some areas are strictly adult places, such as the casino, hot tubs or quiet pool. Don’t even take them there and if you have to pass through, make sure they have their best manners in place. When keeping your children in line, do it as privately as possible. Screaming across the deck at little Jimmy or Sally can disturb other passengers.

Don’t be a deckchair or dining area table hog

If you jump out of bed just before daylight and throw your belongings on a chair or two by the pool so you’re assured of a seat later that afternoon, you’ve broken cruising etiquette rules. It’s rude to render deck chairs useless while you sleep in, eat breakfast or go about your business elsewhere. The same holds true for saving chairs at dinner. Reserving one chair for your cruise companion is okay, but saving an entire table so you can choose your dinner partners is a cruising faux pas.

Don’t delay at the buffet

Whether on a cruise ship or not, people who stand and talk to their friends when they should be making a food selection create a traffic jam in the buffet line. That can cause frustration for those behind you. If you need to talk to the chef, ask for more of whatever was in the empty tray or even have a word with your child, motion the others on ahead of you. Everyone will appreciate your gesture. Sometimes others will also want a sampling of the missing food at the buffet. Make sure they’re as vigilant as you in motioning others to go ahead. Normally they will follow your suit and take over for you.

Kathy Horn

I like these little articles. My husband and I have never been on a cruise so we don’t know the first thing about cruise etiquette. Being from Kentucky and talking with the “twang” will probably set us apart enough. I hope they help me.


    I’m glad you like the articles.
    We will add more shortly.
    You will meet people from all over the USA
    and the world on a cruise. It’s one of the best
    ways to vacation!

    Colleen Wagley

    I only went on a cruise once before but everyone was very nice.

Sherman Burlingame

Please send me the information I need to sign in to my account.
Also, is it required to wear coat and tie to formal dining or is slacks and golf shirt acceptable?


    Resort Casual is the key.
    Slacks and Golf shirt is Resort Casual.

    Were you able to sign in to website?

Christina Alexander

please help me sign into the web sight.


What are your consumers rights?


    Hi Jeanette,

    Please contact Customer Care Department 1-888-209-0379.
    They can answer that specific question for you.

    Kind Regards

Theresa Woody

What is considered appropriate attire for women at formal dining?


    Resort Casual, Dress or slacks are ok. No shorts in formal dining areas

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