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Grand Caribbean Cruises Family Vacation

Grand Caribbean Cruises Lists The Most Important First-Time Cruise Tips For Families

Grand Caribbean Cruises Lists The Most Important First-Time Cruise Tips For Families

Grand Caribbean Cruises Family Vacation

Are you planning on hitting the high seas with your family?

It may sound daunting to keep every member of your squad satisfied on a cruise.

Planning a fun, safe cruise for yourself and your children can be overwhelming. However, there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that you’ll have a blast with your kiddos on a cruise.

These are some tips for first-time cruisers to make their family vacation as worry-free as it is enjoyable.

Research Family-Friendly Excursions

Going on a cruise often means getting exposure to parts of the world you’ve never witnessed. Ports across the globe can bring thrilling activities with them.

However, not every excursion will be kid-friendly. How do you prepare activities at each port for the entire family to enjoy?

Consider the age of your children when picking excursion activities. Some places you visit may not be stroller friendly. They may not provide easy access to snacks or water if your children get hangry or dehydrated.

Research each port ahead of time and find activities on each island/location to suit the whole family. You’ll almost certainly be able to track down fun and safe activities for any age wherever you go.

In the case of Grand Carribean Cruises, they offer several destinations including family-friendly activities. In Fort Lauderdale, you can take kids surfing at EZride Surf School or for butterfly watching at Butterfly World.

In Grand Bahama Island, you can hit the gorgeous waters of their many scenic parks, beaches, and wildlife areas, such as Gold Rock Beach.

Keep in mind: You’ll want to avoid excursion activities that might exhaust or irritate your kiddos. For instance, young children would likely enjoy visiting an animal sanctuary or beach more than they would enjoy hiking up a steep mountain.

Find Kid And Teen Events

There are often plenty of events available for fun-loving adults on cruises. Do you know what’s available for kids?

Most major cruise ships offer events, clubs, and activities for children and teens. Looking into day-long entertainment for your children can ensure that your kids will never complain about boredom onboard.

Both offer family packages, relieving the financial burden of cruising, and have a plethora of activities for children in multiple age groups.

Each divides their programs into several age groups, avoiding any awkwardness between younger and older children.

Many cruises will feature a youth and teen program which caters to groups of kids aged 3 to 17. These programs offer both daytime and nighttime activities, some of which run as early as 1 a.m.

All activities are facilitated by attentive cruise staff to keep your children safe and entertained.

There’s also plenty to do for the teens, with events and activities available for children 12 to 17, including games and music in teen-only clubs.

Teenagers also have the opportunity to go on excursions without their parents.

The Grand Classica and Grand Celebration are also a phenomenal choice for both children and parents.

They feature the Grand Classica/Grand Celebration Kid’s Clubs for a variety of age groups, keeping kids safe and entertained throughout the day and evening.

Either is a great choice for parents who want to enjoy adult-only events and locations, such as nightlife clubs and bars, onboard.

Set Rules For Your Children

Are you prepared to treat your kiddos the same at sea as you do on land? Cruise ships include a variety of settings, including bars, casinos, and other mature locations.

Not establishing boundaries for your children on a cruise can have surprising consequences.

Teenagers are especially at risk. Despite staff-monitored teen groups, teenagers can easily run off and form negative relationships with other teens.

Sex, drug use, and other worrisome behaviors have to be considered. In order to enjoy family time without worrying about what your teen is up to, setting rules for the ship is essential.

These may include asking your kid to physically check in, barring them from certain locations, and/or asking them to keep you updated about their whereabouts. While it may be a bit awkward for them, they’ll find plenty of fun activities to do with other positive teens.

Use These First-Time Cruise Tips on Your Next Vacation

While it takes planning, there’s no need to panic about having a safe and exciting family cruise. Researching family-friendly excursions, exploring events for children, and setting healthy rules can keep your kiddos happy on your vacation.

Do you have any tips for first-time cruisers who are bringing their families aboard?

Let us know in the comments!

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