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Taking A Grand Caribbean Cruise? What To Pack (And What To Leave At Home)

Taking A Grand Caribbean Cruise? What To Pack (And What To Leave At Home)

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With Caribbean cruise vacations, not only is getting there half the fun, packing is part of the building excitement. Yes, for once, choosing what to bring on vacation will be fun, not a chore.

Dreaming of those white sands?

Sailing into the Caribbean sunset with your love by your side?

Snorkeling with the kids?

Hitting the casino on board? You’ll want to pack for all of the above.

But here’s the thing. You also want to take only what you’ll need or can’t purchase more easily once your Caribbean vacation is underway.

No worries, though. Whether it’s your first cruise or you regularly indulge in the fun and adventure, you can benefit from expert packing tips. This is the deal:

Know When You’ll Go On Your Grand Caribbean Cruises

First off, check the itinerary. Pretty simple, right? But when you get caught up in the excitement of your upcoming Caribbean cruise, it’s easy to overlook details like the expected temperatures near your departure or destination.

Pack The Cruise Basics

These may not be what you think! For cruises, the “basics” don’t include a beach towel or even multiple pairs of high heels.

Instead, make sure to remember a portable charger, so you always have a powered up camera, tablet and such by your side.

Also, make sure to bring formal attire. While you may be more comfortable at the casino or beneath the beach umbrella in casual wear, you’ll want to dress up at least once for shipboard meals.

And speaking of the beach, make sure to pack a cover-up to wear there. Choose one that will keep you cool and will dry quickly.

Last on the “must have” list? How about a pair of long pants and some socks to wear on activities that require close-toed shoes?

They’re not romantic, no. But if it gets chilly while you’re sipping spirits at sunset, or you want to fish or maybe horseback ride, you’ll be so glad you have them.

Choose Outfits From The Comfort Of Home

Ahem. You probably know who this advice is aimed at. But seriously, when you’re packing for a Caribbean cruise, you don’t want to bring all your options for clothing, jewelry, shoes, beachwear, night club attire.

Of course, you want to look great. But decide on your best outfits for each part of the adventure from home. Then carry only those pieces with you.

Painful for some, yes! But you’ll be glad you made so many wardrobe edits when you have less luggage to organize and tote about at, even if the staff is doing most of the transporting.

And that also leaves some room for bringing home souvenirs that you don’t opt to ship separately.

Make Sure Your Paperwork Is At The Ready

Luckily, they’re light and don’t take up much space. But for a Caribbean cruise, you will need a passport and possibly a birth certificate, and keeping them safe is a top priority.

Consider packing the all-important identification and the required copies in a sturdy passport holder.

Ditto for the credit card you might need onboard or at your destination. Pack a small holder designed to keep a credit card at the ready but still secure.

Carry On A Bag So The Fun Starts Now

You don’t want to wait for your luggage to get delivered to your berth to begin the fun! So make sure to carry on a small bag with “begin cruise immediately” basics.

A swimsuit, paperback, sunglasses, and sunscreen (in a size legal to carry on the plane) are all great choices.

And the nicest part about the carry-on bag for your grand Caribbean cruise? You can keep it by your side as a constant reminder you’re about to leave on the adventure of a lifetime.

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