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Grand Carribean Cruise’s Top 4 Items To Bring With You On Your Next Cruise For A Stress-Free Vacation

Grand Carribean Cruise’s Top 4 Items To Bring With You On Your Next Cruise For A Stress-Free Vacation

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Are you preparing to set sail on your first cruise? Are you excited to journey to new places? Or are you fretting over what items to bring along to make your trip go as smoothly as possible?

With limited space in your luggage, packing the essentials is important.

However, there are some seemingly nonessential items which you’ll find surprisingly useful as you hit the open seas.

From a shoe organizer to sticky notes, these are a few useful objects to bring along on your cruise to ensure smooth sailing.

An Alarm Clock To Stay On Schedule

Are you the sort of person who doesn’t want to miss a single island excursion or onboard bingo game? An alarm clock is a must.

Most cruise ships don’t provide alarms in their cabins so if you want to wake up in time to attend events on the ship and make the most of your time in port, make sure you pack an alarm clock.

It’s also great for timing naps in between fun yet tiresome outings.

How can you find an alarm clock that won’t steal all of your suitcase space?

If you’re looking for an alarm that’s portable and easy to pack, this travel-size clock may be perfect for you. The $10 device is simple to operate and folds into itself, taking up minimal space in your luggage.

With only an alarm function and digital clock display, it’s easy to set up and use. You don’t have to sacrifice any space in your baggage to ensure you wake up bright and early in the morning.

A Shoe Organizer For All Your Small Essentials

You likely aren’t going to pack a closet’s worth of shoes to take on your cruise. A good pair of sandals or slip-proof flip-flops is all you really need.

So, why do you need an over-the-door shoe organizer?

A shoe organizer doesn’t just help keep pairs of shoes in order. It can also be useful for storing small yet essential items in your cabin.

Don’t know where to put your bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Your sunglasses? Your electronics chargers? A shoe organizer is a perfect place to store these items and anything else under the sun that fit in the pockets.

Amazon has dozens of shoe organizers for sale for under $10 with upward of 24 pockets to store all of your essentials. They are typically transparent, allowing for quick access to your belongings without fishing through each pocket.

With an over-the-door shoe organizer, you’ll never lose or misplace any of your property in your cabin.

Power Strips And Adapters To Stay Energized

Picture this:

You walk into your cabin, go to plug in your devices and find only one outlet in your room.

Now what?

If you know you’ll need more than one power outlet to satisfy your electronic needs, investing in a power strip is essential.

A power strip or outlet adapter will ensure that you can curl your hair, charge your laptop, and power your phone all at once.

You’ll have to purchase a power strip with no surge protector, as these are banned from cruise ships.

Luckily, inexpensive power strips like this one are designed for cruise ship travelers. It does not have surge protection and comes with three extra outlets and three USB charging ports.

Post-It Notes For Actual “Text Messages”

Sticky notes may seem like a simple addition to your luggage, but they can serve multiple purposes on a cruise.

How can you use Post-Its to your advantage?

Sticky notes can help you communicate with your family, friends, and ship staff.

Depending on where you are sailing, you may not have phone service to keep in touch with members of your vacation party.

Cruise ships are full of entertainment. You may want to jet off to a fun event while your family and/or friends aren’t around. Leaving behind a sticky note with your location can help them keep track of you.

The same goes in reverse. Are you worried about where your kids or spouse have run off to? A simple sticky note can help prevent any concern caused by gaps in communication.

You can also leave sticky notes for cleaning crew or maintenance members, instructing them to pay particular attention to messy or damaged parts of the room.

You can pick up sticky notes in most office supply stores, or order them on Amazon in bulk.

You’re ready to hit the waves!

When preparing for your first cruise, it may not have crossed your mind to purchase an alarm clock, shoe organizer, power strip, or sticky notes. However, they can seriously come in handy with essential parts of travel.

By bringing along these items, you’ll be prepared to start your day early, stay organized, keep your electronics charged, and communicate with your vacation crew.

Cruise-ship veterans: do you have any devices, gadgets, or items that you can’t hit the high seas without? Let us know in the comments below!

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