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Take The Kids Along: Your Grand Caribbean Cruise Could Change Their Life

Take The Kids Along: Your Grand Caribbean Cruise Could Change Their Life

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Is a family cruise in your future? Believe it or not, it is actually possible to take the entire family on your adventure and have a chance to recharge.

Plus, taking your kids along could change their life. Here’s how.

They May Discover Something New About Themselves… Or You

Vacations can help family members discover great things about each other. This might be the time when you find out that your four-year-old actually loves spicy food, that your highschooler learns her language classes do pay off, or that the rest of the family learns you take fantastic landscape pictures.

These things might be overlooked in your hyper-scheduled daily lives but its easier to see them in the pause of a vacation.

Even Better: They’ll Connect To The Adventure Of Travel

Traveling invites a lot of adventure and new experiences. Viewing unique fish while snorkeling, experiencing the music of island culture, meeting a dolphin, or just being on a boat are different and exciting things to try.

Kids who have a positive experience with travel when they’re young may become hooked and seek to continue to travel as an adult. As they do their worlds open up and they’ll find more opportunities to enjoy life.

There’s A Good Chance They’re Going To Learn Something And Not Know it

The cities, towns, and islands you’ll visit on vacation each have a unique history and culture. Kids may be excited to see that the residents there speak a different language or there may be different art and music styles, plant life, and architecture.

Vacations are a great time to take advantage of their excitement to teach them as much as they’ll absorb.

According to parenting author Susan Perry in an interview with GreatSchools.org, “Non-school times are wonderful for showing your child that learning happens anywhere and everywhere, and is, in fact, an integral part of life that can be fun, and can be shared.”

She advises, though, that parents let things happen naturally and take their cues from kids about how much to learn at any one time. This is still a vacation, after all.

What does this look like? You may find yourself talking to them about the history of Spanish colonial architecture, clarify some French vocabulary words, and understand details behind the biology of sea turtles or the reasons the tides change.

They won’t realize how much they’ve learned by the time their vacation ends, but you’ll know it and they’ll take it back to school with them.

Here’s The Best Part: They’ll Learn To Value Experiences Over Things

It is easy to give things, but just as easy for things to become discarded and wind up in storage next to holiday decorations in the basement.

The kinds of things that kids get when they travel stay with them. They may have a new love for seafood, become interested in diving, or want to learn more about taking great photos.

Writer Erika Janes echoed this sentiment. In an article she wrote in Parents magazine, she talked about all of the things that her family brought back with them from a family vacation in their suitcases, but that the most memorable of what they got couldn’t be taken home.

She mentioned “poking around the tide pools where we discovered sea anemones, a starfish, countless crabs and mussels, and even a baby octopus that had washed up on a rock.” They returned the octopus in the ocean and received a valuable lesson in marine biology.

Take Your Kids An Grand Caribbean Cruises This Summer

Once the vacation is finished, you can talk to your family about the differences in what they got from traveling versus other kinds of gifts they brought back. It may help you realize how valuable your trip together was, and encourage you to start to plan for next time.

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